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An "Evil" Twist Off the Good ol` Winamp ColorTheme :

<gammaset id="Evil WA5">
<gammagroup id="Backgrounds" value="-2848,-2848,-2368" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Backgrounds2" value="-2880,-2880,-2336" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Bolt" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Menubar" value="-2880,-2880,-2336" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="MenubarText" value="0,0,0" gray="1" boost="1" />
<gammagroup id="Titlebar" value="-2848,-2848,-2368" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="TitlebarText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="TitlebarElements" value="0,0,0" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="TitlebarHover" value="1152,608,-1920" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Text" value="2500, -4096, -4096" gray="1" boost="1" />
<gammagroup id="Text Inverse" value="0,0,0" boost="0"/>
<gammagroup id="Buttons" value="-484,-356,-356" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ButtonsHover" value="0,128,128" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Buttons2" value="-484,-356,-356" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ButtonsHover2" value="0,128,128" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ButtonGlow" value="2500, -4096, -4096" gray="0" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ButtonsActive" value="2500, -4096, -4096" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ButtonStatus" value="2500, -4096, -4096" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ButtonText" value="0,0,0" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Scrollbar Buttons" value="-484,-356,-356" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Scrollbar Hover" value="0,128,128" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Led" value="3500, -4096, -4096" gray="0" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Display" value="-2432,-2432,-1696" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="DisplaySongtickerBG" value="-2432,-2432,-1696" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="DisplayElements" value="2500, -4096, -4096" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="DisplayVis" value="0,0,0" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="DisplayBeatVis" value="0,0,0" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="DisplaySongticker" value="0,0,0" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="DisplaySongtickerShade" value="0,0,0" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ProgressBar" value="2500, -4096, -4096" gray="0" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="BGOverlayDark" value="200,300,300" gray="1" boost="1" />
<gammagroup id="BGOverlayBright" value="-1096,-1096,-1096" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="BG2Textoverlay" value="1200,1300,1300" gray="1" boost="1" />
<gammagroup id="TextDark" value="2700,2800,2800" gray="1" boost="1" />
<gammagroup id="ListText" value="0,0,0" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ListTextSelected" value="2500,-4096,-4096" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ListTextCurrent" value="2500,-4096,-4096" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ListBackground" value="-4096,-4096,-4096" gray="1" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="ListSelBackground" value="-2592,-2560,-2624" gray="2" boost="1" />
<gammagroup id="ListColumnText" value="2400,2400,2400" gray="0" boost="1" />
<gammagroup id="Tooltips Background" value="-2848,-2848,-2368" gray="2" boost="0" />
<gammagroup id="Tooltips Text" value="2500, -4096, -4096" gray="1" boost="1" />

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