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Okay.... at Aminifu's request... here I am trying to make sense of post #18. but you guys are gonna have to spoon feed me as I have never used JTFE before. Well, I thought I hadn't until I had been taught that "Enqueue" is JTFE...

These are daft questions, but I don't know your terminology here...

Method of Reproduction:
1. Enable queuing - how? Is this "Enable 'queue manager'" window? Or Queue Options / double-click mode \ Enter key mode set to queue?
2. set playlist to random - I assume you mean "shuffle"? And I assume "repeat" is off?
3. populate playlist and play
4. find song not in playlist and add via queue wait until it has finished playing - how do you add the song? Is "enqueue and play" from the OS context menu okay for the test?
5. skip through remaining songs in playlist and queued song will play again. - okay, now I am lost. If repeat is off then how will it jump from the end of the playlist to the next track?

I tried to make sense of this but soon got lost. Of course the track played twice as it is on shuffle and surely if repeat is on it will repeat? And if repeat is off then I can't see how it gets from the last track back into the rest of the shuffle?

I'll try again tomorrow... but for now, I am lost in the terms here of something I have never used before

Relevant to both this thread and the Beta thread when I was spotting the "bugs" in Enqueue and Play is how I use Winamp. I am a man who listens to albums. In the order they were produced - track 01 to track 12 in order. I never use shuffle, I never load up single tracks, I just have lists of albums in my playlist that I play in order.

Usually repeat is on, but other times I will turn repeat off if I have added a podcast to the end of my playlist to listen to.

My playlist often grows over the months as I add more albums according to mood. But I always add whole albums. Either drag and drop from the media library, or using the Win OS Context Menu of "Enqueue and Play" on a *.m3u file.
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