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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
Okay.... at Aminifu's request... here I am trying to make sense of post #18. but you guys are gonna have to spoon feed me as I have never used JTFE before. Well, I thought I hadn't until I had been taught that "Enqueue" is JTFE...
A couple important corrections. I wanted you to look at posts #18 through #25 to get a feel for splash1 and my issues and to see if you could replicate them (I didn't make that clear enough). The "Enqueue & Play" Windows Explorer context menu command is added by the JTFE plug-in, the separate "Enqueue" and "Play" context menu commands were already part of the native Winamp app.

Anyway, I wrongly assumed you were familiar with the JTFE feature, so with all due respect I rescind my request until you learn what JTFE does.

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