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made a broken preset, can't delete it or switch to another preset before crashing

had a shit ton of presets I've been working on over the years. they're still there, but I was working on a preset, and I guess I messed up somewhere. when I was working on it, it was running fine, but whenever I try to start AVS again, it loads that preset by default, and instantly crashes.

I tried quickly switching to another preset, but I just can't do it. I only have a fraction of a second to do anything with the AVS window before winamp crashes. as a last-ditch effort, I loaded up cheat engine, hooked it to winamp, and enabled the speedhack, setting it to a very low value. it had an effect when it was at 0%, but at that point I couldn't interact with the AVS window at all, so it didn't help.

I've searched far and wide and I can't find any info on where AVS presets are stored, so I can't even go in and delete the thing. there aren't any keyboard shortcuts that would make it possible to switch to another preset in time. if I try and make any changes to anything, they'll just be reverted when winamp crashes. if I could get in and delete that preset, that'd be perfect, but there just isn't any way to do that as far as I can tell.

I know AVS is dead, but I haven't found any good alternatives. vsxu's crazy ass pretentious interface is impossible to work with. I can make visualizers with after effects, but it's all pre-rendered, so I can't use it live. any suggestions would be much appreciated.

what do I do?
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