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I can't believe that i didnt found this skin earlier! Seriously its the best skin i ever used.
But i have one or two suggestions/wishes for a upcoming release

1. For God sake can you please adde some, or at least one, not so virulent (not sure if this is the correct word) color to the Spectrum Analyzer?

2. Maybe im just too dumb or my English isnt so good as i thought but i took me about an hour to find out how to change the Colour of the VU Meter
Sure there is a "Scale" Button but for my understanding it means that i can resize something! And after i tried everything else to change the colour i finally clicked the Scale Button and BAZINGA i could change the colors

And the last Point: Is it possible to turn of the "New Title" message, that appears with every new Song, somewhere?

And thanks again for the great Skin
Have a nice Weekend

Greetings, ReeferMan
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