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And I found some stuff here:
But neither source explains the only thing that matters to me: where this file is referenced (you explained it).
Ok, so I just got rid of the file and it solved my problem. Thanks a lot! Without you this would have remained an unsolvable mystery for me.

I have two more things with PE:
1) its minimum width is greater than I need (and seems greater than in other skins), how can I decrease it? (I have removed the album cover section from PE and removed all buttons, leaving just a basic PE.)

2) I would like to make the title bar of PE thinner (vertically). The simple way to do this is by setting PE's scale to 75% or 50%, but then for some reason PE loses the ability to be stretched down (a bug?).
Another way is to delete this line: <script file="SCRIPTS\17-playlist-editor.maki" in playlist editor.xlm, but then all the borders disappear and it becomes impossible to resize or move the playlist editor.
Is there any other way?
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