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Originally Posted by Calvaria View Post
It might have been an easier approach if taken from the very start. Now that I am 99% done, it's too late. Anyway, I can live with that.
OK. I wrote what I wrote because answering your previous question would require decomposing a very complex structure, removing some of its elements and building a new structure from the remaining elements without breaking other parts of the skin, which, even if you are well-versed in xml and maki scripting would take more time than I have.

Originally Posted by Calvaria View Post
Probably my last question: Is it possible to edit the colors of the File Info (Alt+3) window and Edit Item Metadata (Shift+E) window?
Those are standard Windows windows, not Winamp windows, so you can only change their colors by changing the colors of Windows. This is what I have found about it:
How to change text and background color in Windows 10

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