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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
MrSinatra: you are correct about the settings but wrong about the dll causing it and it was fixed internally ~6hrs before you noticed, though i'm pretty certain you shouldn't be seeing any of the cloud aspects at the moment (which is also part of the reason it's crashing for you).
i actually never said the dll was to blame, but thats neither here nor there. i guess i'm confused as to whats supposed to happen here? a beta is released for us to test and its big new feature is the cloud but we aren't supposed to be able to use it? and what is the "it" that was fixed internally?

i just want to help, thats why i'm letting you guys know this thing was crashing my winamp. the salient point to me, is that when i had existing ML Cloud language in the ml_gen.ini file, that seemingly instigated whatever causes the crash, be it the dll or the remote server, or whatever, when winamp is started. if that was deleted, then winamp started, np.

also, it probably is just coincidence as you said, but the "last view" info is also in gen_ml.ini with the ml cloud stuff.

it might be an idea to make the cloud stuff such that if it doesn't work, it merely crashes itself, and not the whole of winamp, and perhaps to delay it starting until after winamp fully loads. i guess i am suggesting it be a separate process? (excuse my ignorance if this is a dopey req, as i have no dev bonafides)

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post

Re: "also, add "New: ability to specify user's email address to id3 POPM ratings" to the version history. (or "Improved")"

Hmm, nah. That's more of a power user thing. We'd much prefer if people continued using the one ;-)
are you serious? why? its the first step to allowing users to define their own ratings from one another.

also, don't miss this:

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
perhaps another bug though: when i clicked the "visualization" tab, the whole screen went black and the resolution seemingly changed, and i had to hit "esc" to get back to a normal screen.

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