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"Intelligent" Playlist Creator

After erroneously thinking a "Smart Playlist" was a term I dreamed up all by myself, I quickly found that Googling "Smart Playlist Winamp" pulled a bunch of results for a feature ITunes calls Smart Playlists, which isn't what I was looking for at all (I don't think so, anyway). I briefly monkeyed with "Smart Views" in the Winamp Media Library, which honestly I never use the Media Library at all, I just drag and drop the folders/files I want to listen to in to the Playlist Editor. But I didn't see the kind of options I was looking for, so if I just need to really dive into the Smart View options, just let me know.

I want to be able to make playlists with limits such as "Play [artist] no more than [x] times per [hour]." Or "Play no more than [x] songs per artist per hour." That kind of thing.

That way if I want to hear something by artist [x] and I've got 1000 songs by them, but only want to hear something by them once an hour or so, instead of having to pick each song myself, the pc would pick one of their songs randomly to play.

Does anything like this exist for Winamp? If not, does it exist for other media players like FooBar or something?

Thanks in Advance!
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