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Helpful Links for Winamp Beginners & Intermediates
AKA JonnyMac's "Newbie" Winamp Guide

Note: Due to the change in ownership the help/tutorial pages are not available at this time.

Try this page, Winamp Blog or the forums for some help/information. As things progress and as time allows I will update the help links.

-JonnyMac Guides/Documentation Winamp Forum Highlights Upgrading from Previous Versions? Outside Guides/Information* Outside Resources* Plug-ins third party collections Skins third party collections Misc Information
    Sort-of "outside", Nullsoft is the company of Winamp
  • Winamp
    Find older versions of Winamp
    Wondering what a certain file extension is? Here is a good source of info
  • File Extensions
    Another source for file extension info.
Get to Know the Forum Community
  • How to find the answer
    Also known as "Announcements" and posted at the top of each forum. That 'How to Find'/'Announcements' link is from the General Discussions forum. Each contains some tips on finding tech support answers, posting questions, forum etiquette and has a small glossary. Also, depending on which forum you are browsing, there may be an additional Announcement pertinent to that forum.
  • Forum Rules
    Good stuff to know if you don't want to be banned. Also has some posting and etiquette tips.
  • ctn|chrisw's Acronymn & Abbreviation List
    WTF does WTF mean?
  • Forum FAQs
*Note: There is no endorsement (unofficial, official or otherwise) of the Outside Info or Resources links (and links contained within). All links used without permission. They are provided as a FYI and on a user/browser/visitor beware basis. By providing them we are in no way liable for loss of data or other computer damage as a result of visiting the links (and links contained within) and/or using the suggestions/procedures/tips and plug-ins/skins contained in the links. Also, older versions of Winamp and third party skins/plug-ins do not receive tech support from Nullsoft/Winamp and Winamp Forums.

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search key words: Winamp help guide information handbook guidebook manual tricks tips instructions helpful tweaks links beginner new newbie how to's

Please report dead or broken links via PM with the subject line Dead Link User Guide. Links will be corrected as time allows. Don't be disappointed if you do not receive reply, so Many Thanks In Advance. :up:

Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
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