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/chat lingo
My Physics teacher (biggest bitch in the Western hemishere)
The internet
...especially on dial-up
The Big Bad Cable Company
The Big Bad Phone Company
Canada's monopoly system
The Big Bad Canadian Phone Monopoly
The Big Bad Canadian Cable Internet Monopoly
Rogers Cable
Bell Canada
Stupid people
Stupid Canadians
Canadian stupidity
Small town life
People who say small town life ain't that bad
The whole urban "scene" (music, lingo, dress, mannerisms)
My inability to keep a 'net connection alive longer than 15 minutes
Pop music
Pop culture in most of it's forms
Hollywood blockbusters
Canadians's need to have an "identity"
Mob Rule
Air quotes
Canadian airlines
Canadian airline monopolies
British colonialism
British monarchy
The fact that I met a really hot girl last night who really liked me, but I didn't get down her number
Dinner parties, unless they lead to meeting really hot girls who really like you
The general stupidity of the human race
The general stupidity of animals
Rip offs
Traditional morality
Canadian morality
Canadian people's crusade of self-righteousness
Sex in small doses
Cloves and bay leaves, when all you want is a mouthful of pulau
Caucasian people's theft and misappropriation of elements of other people's culture because they have none of their own (this applies solely to North American Caucasians. You euro folks rock)
North America in general
Uninspired work, be it music, literature, film, or other art forms
The lack of respect some people have for photography as art
The North American myth of individuality
Fallacies in north american logic
Overly ordered and regulated philosophy
The ratio of box office hits to meaning art films
The North American mentality
The Canadian mentality
Canadian government
British government
The shitty way brits used to treat the rest of the world, particularly Ireland and Bangladesh/Indian sub-continent
The Opium Wars
British Colonization
Bitchy victims
Activist groups
Modern day feminists (i.e. aggressive superiority-types)
The whole idea of work to get the necessities of life
Welfare states
Socialist policies
The complete disregard of democracy of the whole Haider incident in Austria
Spjn doctors
Mass media
Most media outlets
North American media
Complete and utter freedom of the press
People's over preoccupation over their rights
The concept that education is a necessity to exist (i.e. a right)
Snoops and spyware
Scary technology
The introduction of location finders into cell phones (see "Scary technology")
Cell phones
"Digital" as a new "paradigm"
Most buzzwords
Marketing and managerial-types (I put all the blame for this hate on "Dilbert" comics)
Spanish and British missionaries
Aggresive missionaries
Jehovah's Witnessess
Murder of the innocent and uninvolved
Murder of loggers by environmentalists
Green Peace
The hate that whalers get
The fact that people don't understand that fur trapping is a tradition and way of life for many Canadians
Restrictions on freedom of speech
Censoring movies on the basis of "portrayal of immoral behaviour"
Movie censoring in general
Movie rating schemes
Censoring art films at all
Underground things that go mainstream, then start to suck, hard
Pop culture's misappropriation of anything underground
The ignorance of youth
The ignorance of adults, who should know better, anyway
The guilt I'm having in making you read such a long list
Making you read such a long list

I'm sorry.

Kiss me, I'm Irish.
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