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Hi papadoc, good to hear from you again

You should only need to switch off the 'Use Sonic' option, as this is the most likely cause of CD playback and ripping problems. Why the devs didn't get rid of this POS long ago I can never understand.

Do not switch off 'Enable digital extraction ... ' or you won't be able to rip anything. (Error - can't find encoder etc.)

You can ignore 'Sampling'

You should be able to use 'MusicID' (the old CDDB) without problems.

Can you add the following to the end of your Prefs > Titles > ATF string [ - %cdengine%].
and report back with what you see playing a track from a CD.
Make sure you have 'Enable digital extraction ... ' switched on. Should be one of Sonic, SPTI, ASPI, MCI.

The two main drawbacks to switching off Sonic are
No Burning support, no big deal really, it can only handle audio CDs anyway.
No IMAPI support for disk info. (Rip & Burn section)

Take care

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