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Eye opener

So, today was going as good as any Friday when, on my last load of the day, a Texan at-the-wheel tried to kill me....................3 times.
76,000 pounds of Kenworth vs. GMC Yukon (Texas plates)

Guy try's to pass me in a left turn only lane. Made the mistake of laying on the horn and when he saw his mistake, he pulled toward my front fender forcing me into the shoulder. Slowing rather drastically, he made it in front of me but tried to block me from re-entering the highway. Once I made it back onto the northbound lane, he began slamming on his brakes attempting to make me rear-end him. 3 times this douchebag tried to lure me in.
Incredibly my brakes were epic today and I ended up in a ditch, nearly rolled over and on the verge of a major organ meltdown.
Got his plates though.

Fuckin' Texans!

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