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walkman sync no advanced tab

Short Story -- Songs synced to walkman keep asking to be deleted and re-added.

Long Story -- A small problem I've been working on lately. Every time time I sync, Winamp wants to delete and re-add the same handful of songs to the device, even though they are already on the device. It says they are not in the Local Media Library.

I've changed my walkman, via driver update, into a drive, assigned it a drive letter, and sync'ed it as a drive. This gives me the -preferences, portables, advanced tab-, which has the buttons 'Refresh Cache' and 'Save and Rescan', which clears the songs caught in limbo. But sync'ing like this doesn't transfer info info too well, like album art and some artist info.

I have no -advanced tab- when I have the walkman assigned as an MTP device, therefore no 'Refresh Cache' and 'save and Rescan' options. I'm guessing if I could perform these actions, I would be able to clean up the songs in caught in limbo?

I've reset and reformatted my walkman, and even ran a disk cleaner on it, but to no avail.

Is there a known workaround for this?

running Winamp 5.572 x86, XP SP3

--the four portable device plug-ins that are installed are:

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