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as i have already said, it is a YP bug and i have given you the only official response that there is (as i was the last person working on the YP).

i'm not seeing your stream using a v2 DNAS so i don't see how "I tried that" can be the case.

there is little that can be done when i'm not able to work on SHOUTcast issues (and i have no idea if / when i will be able to resolve it). i know this is "urgent" for you and the handful of other people who are being affected by this issue, but if i don't have the time to work on fixing it, then there is not going to be a "quick" fix.

also there was no need to post the now merged thread in the Winamp specific part of the forum.

and finally, the thread you are claiming is the "same issue" is not as that was due to a different bug (and also noticeably different revision of the YP code than the one which is in use which is causing the incorrect clustering issue for some v1 based streams).
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