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And there are more bugs / problems with the Mapper

Some fonts after choosing them overlap fields in the File Info Component window. For example when using PragmataPro the beginning of "Title" tag is shown before the end of the word "Title", thus making it unreadable. Some fonts / fields make this overlap in a lesser way and some in a much serious [making more mess on the screen]; some fonts are completely usless

Also: why does after choosing a font, that same font is shown differently in File Info Component window and in Tickebar form? For example PT Sans Caption look very clear when viewed in Ticketbar, but is largely unreadable when shown in the File Info Component window? One option [Font Mapper] controls both of this fields, but gives different results

I've tried tempering with
Windows Settings > Scalling
[because use 125% or 150 %], but changing this didn't help. In File Info Component that font looked like [way to] bold and in Ticketbar it looked like a regular [with thin lines]
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