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My advice is to leave the registry well alone.
Just install wa5beta in a different dir to 2.9,
and make sure you uncheck everything in the final setup screen (create icons, associate with audio/video/cd, maintain associations, etc).
Then manually create a new shortcut to wa5.
You should also go into wa5 prefs and uncheck a few things (eg. check for new versions, report anon statistics, register files on winamp start -> you should checkmark this one in 2.9x prefs to keep wsz and other file associations), and you'll probably need to checkmark "allow multiple instances" in both prefs for both winamp.exe's to open simultaneously.

You can always keep 2.9x, or you can install wa5 in the default dir, and reinstall 2.9x in a new dir, or you can use the UninstWA.exe file in the relevant main WA dir to uninstall any version at a later date . . .

[edit] Too late. Reaper beat me to it, lol [/edit]


btw, I'm surprised no-one's commented yet on the awesome new "auto dir scan/refresh" feature (Prefs -> Library -> Media Importing tab).

Also, multiple playlist support c/o Playlist window -> Manage Playlist button -> Open playlist from library (which is as near as we can get to wa3-style multi-playlists in wa3 pl sidecar).
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