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What about test tube babies for same sex couples. With a lesbian couple its easy because one of them could carry to term and the child could be a product of their genetic makeup. The male one is more difficult because they would need to find a donar egg, remove its genetic material, and add in genetic material from both males making sure to have one with an x chromosome and whatever from another. I dont know how they would decied whos genes would go where.

But is that ethical? If same sex marriage is legalized than is this the next step? What about all the orphans? Think of the orphans. Couples who want to have kids of their own but cant should adopt instead of playing god with their cells. THats a moral issue and the state shouldn't impose laws on morality.

But is it a moral issue? By creating this life with science isnt there a greater chance of a screw up? What about the rights of the life being created?

So complex. Im going to sleep.

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