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@ STanger & c2R:
Thanks for the info on your cameras. After looking around even more last night, I've come to the conclusion that point-and-shoot cameras just don't have what I'm looking for, though. The Fuji point-and-shoot that I've already got is about as good as I can ask for in that category. What I'm looking for, it seems, it's going to be quite a step up from what I've got. It looks like dSLRs are where it's at. Thanks again, though.

$1099 is the retail price for the E-330 with an included lens. The body itself is $999 (retail). So how much, exactly, does your left testicle go for?
Wow! I could rebuild the engine in my truck for less than that. Of course, it's still way cheaper than some of the models I glanced at... GLANCED at. (Think: Fuji S3 Pro, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, Nikon DX2, etc.) The E-330 is compatible with a nice array of lenses, too.

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