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I was just checking out lenses, and I was curious about something...

How can this lens have a maximum focal length of 180mm if the entire unit itself is only 78mm long? I understand how digital lens focal lengths are related to their 35mm film lens counterparts, but this just doesn't make sense to me. Either way, if I get the E-330, I'll probably be getting this lens with it. I was considering this lens until I saw the price tag. Sorry, but I won't be buying a lens that costs five times (!) as much as the camera.

And why doesn't the E-330 have a DC power input jack? Even my little point-and-shoot has one. I wouldn't mind it not having one if the camera used standard batteries, but it doesn't. Granted, if I do get this camera, I'll be buying an extra battery pack with it, but how long could I expect them to last. Even rechargable batteries eventually die. And when they finally do give up, will Olympus still be manufacturing this particular battery? If they're not manufacturing this battery pack any more by then, then I'll be stuck with a $1,600+ camera kit that's useless. If it had a DC-in, at least I'd be able to hook it up to an outside power source...
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