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Originally posted by denilson3
I am no longer able to skip forward/back through video in full screen mode using arrow keys. It is now necessary to exit full screen mode and click on main or playlist window to scan with arrows.
This is kinda funny, because I'm miffed that now i can't use arrow keys to scan through a video when it's not full scree, but rather when the video window is highlighted. As in previous versions, the keys don't work when the equilizer is highlighed, but do work still for when the playlist or the main conrtol window is highlighted. They also still for full screen mode!

Now here's one other important note... When you start up the video, it gives focus to the video window supposedly. The arrow keys work then, but if you click on the window, or click on another and then it, or go full screen and then back, it no longer works.

This is all classic skin.

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