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Re: Can't execute Winamp v5.2

Originally posted by Paj
After installing Winamp 5.2 in place of v5.1, the program would not start, even after reboot and eventually an uninstall and reinstall. ...
Same or similar symptom here. Don't always get as far as "Equalizer".

Attempt start from Agent or directly immediately results in "Winamp caused fault and has to close" from Windows.

Sometimes see empty window for Winamp equalizer. Once saw window for Izotope Ozone plugin but that was before uninstall/reinstall of Winamp. (Plugin isn't running now, but Winamp still fails before complete startup.)

Uninstalling now and going back to 5.13. :-(

System here is XP Pro SP2 on P4 2.4G w/ 1GB RAM. Has run all earlier levels of WinAmp WA5 OK and going back beyond WA5.

Hope this is helpful.

Additional comment:
Uninstalled 5.2 and reinstalled 5.11 (don't have 5.13) and am now getting consistent "runtime error" message from Winamp whenever I click on any item in the library listing. This is a new phenomenon. Ack! What a pisser if I have to revert to ... WMP!

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We can't reproduce this. Please post in Tech Support instead.

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