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Advertising in Winamp - REMOVE IT! - Guide by the community.

This is a complete compilation of the hosts list, so far it seems to be blocking most of the advertising, I live in Toronto, Canada - I believe this should suffice perfectly for that dashboard and Shoutcast advertising.
Keep in mind you should still rename the file in Winamp\Plugins\ml_dash.dll to something else or delete it still to get rid of that major advertising banner.

Advertising for people paying for the Professional version is a total rip off, why pay when you can simply use other players then? VLC Player is better than Winamp use it.
And oh yeah you can ban me I dont care I wont be back anyways, its meant to help the community facing this advertising blitz. I could understand if they had ads but allowed an option to disable it, you can customize your dashboard but can't turn this crap off.

Have fun - edit the hosts file in Notepad:


# Blocked Ads #China #Germany/Belgium/Switz/Austria #Germany #Germany #Germany #Germany #Germany #France #France #Belgium #Belgium #Belgium
# Comment out the following line if getting script errors (requires Winamp restart) *


* Maybe try adding the last entry ( to Restricted Sites zone in "IE Options -> Security" instead,
if getting script errors with it in hosts (and ads with it not in hosts).

1. Close & reopen Winamp for changes to take effect
2. If you block then the SHOUTcast views will not load at all.
3. If you block then the AOL Radio view won't work properly (page will load, but links won't work).
4. Blocking might also result in breakage....
5. More tips here.
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