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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
It definitely fails on compilation albums (e.g. where the Album Artist = Various Artists)


Basically, I think it's a limitation of the service provided to us by
Maybe we should switch to some other service. Lord knows, heh.
i always suspected that while you use gracenote for tags, you use AMG for art. glad to have that confirmed.

however, if they are limiting you, its either deliberately or carelessly, b/c AMG can, very successfuly, service art for pretty much any CD, including comps.

afaik, WMP also uses AMG to service art, and it gets the comps/VA ones np.

i think there is a basic, systemic issue in your paradigm. in others words, someone just needs to look over the process and figure out why only comp/VA albums ALWAYS fail, b/c i am 99% sure the problem is in the process.

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