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You can check the gallery again

It's been a while since my last visit here but i bring some sweet new links. For one, i have finally got a fluid simulation running with shader techniques! Check out this new
Chrome Experiment: Fluid Simulation with Turing Patterns

(I strongly recommend Chrome. It's a pity, but it's more than twice as fast as Firefox for me.)

The responses were enormous and it was featured on the Chrome stream on Google+ and on ReadWriteWeb. In the last two weeks my Twitter followers have almost doubled to 500 now.
Btw, among them was also Scott Draves, the creator of "Electric Sheep". As i have read in another thread from last week, there's a certain interest for possible combined efforts ( Who knows what might spring up from that connection.

I'm regularly writing with the "WebGL elite" these days if you can say so, and i asked for help with a basic shader texture feedback looper in Three.js (the most popular and influential WebGL library there is so far). And guess what, I got returned a screen space Game of Life implementation!
That was only a few days ago, so there's not much more to it now. Anyway, that's exactly what i thought to be the entry point for porting Milkdrop effects to a bigger community and easier future collaborations.
And with that I'm having an integration in the vvvv clone Threenodes.js in mind!

Aside from that big picture outlook I've also made some other discoveries like the "Demoscene Passivist" who is beating his new GPU with some orbit trap fractals at the moment:
Also, a first sound integration into the GLSL sandbox popped up:

And i have made my own experiments to bring a sound wave curves to life too, without the WebGL blingbling:
Unfortunately the used Soundmanager2 library is a little bit picky with the soundcloud player and in some cases there's no wave data returned. I still need to figure that out more deeply.

I hope that excuses my absence lately. I had to resist hard to get sucked into the new presets i found here again. But I'm certainly stepping away from good old Milkdrop2 - not only because life as a "hardworking" proud daddy. Little baby is half a year old now, but already fascinated by the visuals
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