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Flexi, I see you noted the thread I started about Electric Sheep. Just thought I'd let you know that there is a link in that thread to a prototype piece of software that can render fractal flames in real-time. To my knowledge, it is the *only* one in existence that can do so at 60fps, which is why I am very interested in it.

It was written by a professor at the University of Alaska. I've been in touch with him and am working on taking the code out of prototype mode and into a class library that can be used on other things.

The downside is that between working 9 hours a day, plus an hour driving, plus having a girlfriend, I have very little time to work on it. Maybe 12 hours per week total. Also, although I'm an experienced developer, graphics and OpenGL are not my strong points. Once I get the code to be decently presentable, I'd like to eventually post it somewhere and get help from folks who are better at OpenGL than I am. Perhaps something serious could come of it.

If I were to have a dream come true out of this and other efforts mentioned on these boards, it would be to have all of the developers combine all of their code and make the ultimate MD replacement. Hey, we can dream, right?
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