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Originally posted by chiphead
Please put this on your bug list
It already is:
The Official Winamp 2x Bug List

Hmm . . . "play" is still there, eh?

Fact is, it shouldn't be there in the first place.
If you click this (for a folder containing audio files) does Winamp open up & start playing all files in that folder?

Is there a "Play" key under: H_C_R\Directory\shell ?

If not, does the following key exist?

btw, the * (asterix) key will be right at the top of the list

Oh, and yes, you're right . . .
This key shouldn't exist . . . or at least it doesn't in my registry anyway
(unless it's a Netscape specific entry? fyi, I don't have Netscape!)

But, whatever you do, please leave the other keys/strings well alone!
(Winamp.File & Winamp.Playlist)

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