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Not sure why I singled this out of all of what you said... but it is a starting point.

Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
The Republicans aren't doing this because they are evil. Even if you don't agree with them, they have a point. We are spending far beyond our means. Obamacare is beyond our means.


It's not a matter of being an asshat. It's a matter of whether you want the government to mandate that we all give and borrow $30TN in the next ten years to buy our medical system that still doesn't insure everybody.
Yep. I agree with that and just about everything inbetween. What I have a problem with is this is being done at a rather high cost given a US default.

Then again, I can see why the GOP is doing this... they give in and no one will listen to them anymore; and I think they despirately need to be listened to for all the reasons you just pointed out.

As an aside ... an arguement can be made that medical costs are what they are partly because of the numbers of uninsured people who walk into the ER and get reated. I've said for years "free healthcare" is alive and well in this country via our ER's. When my wife was a resident in Chicago and Detroit she could not keep track of the number of patients ERs admitted and treated that did not have healthcare.

Anyway, back to the point, an arguement can be made that costs are high because maybe only 3 out of every 5 procedures actually get paid for. It's the system's/hospitals own way of making sure it gets the true cost back out.

Then, of course, things really start to get murky when you introduce the word "insurance". Who the hell knows what they are going to cover anymore. Again, yet another potential reason as to why medical costs are so high. What you get is hospitals/places of care trying to bill for as much as they legally can because they have no idea how much they are actually going to see in return. I can tell you matter of factly sometimes they get a cash cow for procedures that insurance reimburses like crazy on; but most of the time they get short changed.

I know I have said this before as well, I still do not understand. I simply don't get why the medical care reform did not start with tort reform. Mind. Blown. Don't get it. We've got the best healthcare in the world over here, why change the system when you can start with a tort reform that will likely drives costs down to the point that it is affordable.

For those not so fortunate enough to be able to afford good healthcare after tort reform, lets put a sales tax on everything. Literally. Everything. In that system, the "poor" contribute what they can, while the "rich" bear the brunt of the system.

Well... I don't get it other than the fact that many of our politicians are lawyers ... ha! Tort reform and cut into our lawsuit gains!

Corrput bastards...

Back to that cartel idea...
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