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but you will never publicly admit that.
I absolutely admit that.

. But a Government shutdown and threats of default did not happen
Nobody ever permanently wanted to turn 20% of the GDP over to a few companies.

You mentioned Bush's drug bill. I had an ill parent. This saved me $10,000's of thousands I would have had to pay myself. It was still the wrong way to do it. It's the same with Obamacare. When you notice you are getting robbed, you make it a law that you must pay the muggers?

Most people don't like Obamacare. House Republicans want something. Something that should have been in it like tort reform. They wanted not to take $600BN from medicare. My mom is already dead, but tell me that you want $600BN less for your parents or mine.

So it's not like the House are a bunch of terrorists. Just people with conviction.

The Republicans didn't get any say with the Democrat super majority. Now they are trying to get a say. Remember? People fired the Democrat super majority. The politicians that are in office now were elected to stop or take a serious whack at Obama's spending ideas. They think it's gonna crash the economy. I think it isn't gonna do it any good.

This will be over in 72 hours. March will be interesting.

I'm more blue dog than conservative. I don't think abortion clinics need a drive up windows. Feminists piss me off. Basically anybody who is bitching pisses me off. It means they didn't have enough to do.

My brother told me that righteous anger was how we get things done. I think that's a bunch of crap. The way we get things done is with our hearts and our hands.

I notice some of the docs rebelling a bit too. There is a doc down the street here. She just has a house and a sign out front like the old days. They have to want $8000 a month for the medical buildings 2 miles away. I'll bet this place doesn't cost her $1000 and she lives there.

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