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What does that mean?
I mean that Doctor Barack Obama J.D. Harvard Magna Cum Laude, Law Professor Barack Obama has about as much in common with the common man as a Martian. He is an elitist egghead. He plays golf at a country club I parked cars in. His loyalty to the rich, our medical cartel, our legal cartel, our military industrial complex and not you and me is so obvious I am really appalled you didn't notice.

Then we've got middle class Michelle. Victim of feeling uncomfortable sometimes while at Princeton! OMG! Not that! I think everyone who's not driving a Vestron would feel uncomfortable at Princeton. This was her thesis. It made me sigh. Met Barry while they were trying to organize community action getting 6 figures for being lawyers agitating poor people.

You can't be left or right and like 20 Trillion bucks going out the door. This thing needs to find some economy. Our great, great grandkids will be paying our sorry asses off.

This is from a guy who was born the last year of the "baby boom" I'm real sorry kids. My generation and the one before it lived so far beyond our means, you're gonna be eating Mac n' Cheese for most of your life to ever make a dent in paying it off. The change of the United States to a service based economy has failed. You guys can probably try to get some of what we rabbited away by wiping our asses for minimum wage. Rich people will take a nice chunk to make sure you're politically correct.

If I thought Barack Obama was truly involved in a struggle against poverty and iniquity, I would have voted for him. I'm sure he finds it a scintillating subject of conversation while drinking Bud Light and playing golf with other people who can afford $400 for 18 holes.

We got no bankers in jail. ACA is a pork sandwich with extra blubber.

Who was this guy trying to help? It wasn't any African American. Fuck. It wasn't any American I know. My golf costs $12.

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