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Women flock to Only Girls, a garage outside Paris.
run by women for women tired of being taken for a ride.

Just one month since opening, Only Girls has seen 40 customers, two-thirds of them women, with most appreciative of the tailor made service.

The all-female garage outside Paris offering manicures, massages and lessons in mechanics is doing a roaring trade since opening last month, challenging stereotypes of auto repair being an essentially masculine domain.

Only Girls, in the suburb of Saint-Ouen-l'Aumone, caters to women who feel they have been taken for a ride by male mechanics who bet on them showing little interest in what goes on beneath the bonnet.

"When you're a woman, it's like you've got 'sucker' tattooed on your forehead," said Sandrine Hautenne, one satisfied 42-year-old customer.
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