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Okay. For some of you that have had your free streams shutdown, here's a link for you to check out:

I had to go through the old Shoutcast RMO page:
to do the tweaking. I just changed the server address, and my user ID/password in Shoutcast DSP. They changed my user ID to a new one during the upgrade.
Everyone is supposedly getting 3 months of premium for free. After the 3 months if you don't subscribe to the new service, you'll lose your station/s.

So far my issues are with the meta data in the web player. Last night I had a picture of Bruno Mars in player instead of my logo, and it was showing a Bruno Mars track list and I was playing Tchaikovsky. I'm waiting for SC to get back to me with those issues.

I'm not getting any playback problems. I'm running a test broadcast right now to see if the audio cuts out or not.

This past Saturday was the best broadcasting night I've had all year. No issues and everything worked like it's supposed to.
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