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Originally posted by Wish

Get an IRC client, connect to server, join the #vorbis channel, and ask the ppl there. Monty is the main Ogg Vorbis developer.

I have nothing to talk to him about (other than ask about the vorbis-for-ipod, I didnt donate for nuffin, I say!). The designer tries to make a solid format, and whatever design choices he makes is just that - his choices. But I strongly doubt he will mind people who make a player (mind you: not an encoder; encoders that fail to conform to standards are bad) that plays back standard and -even- 'bad' oggs.

There's no prevention of people from ever recovering slightly damaged oggs or whatever you're implying. It's just a simple thing, all players won't play Ogg that have been tagged with ID3v2. Thats all.
Which is prevention since at least id3v2 is 'pseudorandom' while some damaged oggs have even more mutilated structures with true random noise as a 'header' to the real data.
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