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Slightly off-topic, but: Zelda 64 is not what I'd call a "hard" game, but it's very frustrating when you keep losing your saves--I've played the first 4 hours of that game at least 15 times, and the ending as well, but most of the latter dungeons/temples only once because there's so much stuff to work through to get to them. And once you get towards the end, you overwrite your save, and if you want to fight Shadow Link (appears roughly 80% through the game) again you have to start all over...which is why I've only fought him once in countless hours of play.

A game I found extremely annoying in terms of level design--portions of Turok and Turok 2. I'd get lost for HOURS, and end up cheating to skip the level (usually so I could get lost again.) The action was fun, but the level design/backtracking killed me.
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