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Originally posted by morgado
So, for what I understood, if I did at all, the only ones that cannot be distributed are the OASIS related ones ... yes ?

Can someone really explain this ?!
OASIS is not a company. It is a standards group. They propose adding patented "open standards" Large software makers like Microsoft have a huge stake in it, because they will be able to choke off small companies that rely on the GPL and LGPL licenses, which are incompatible with patented software.

It's like, what if Microsoft patented the open standard that allows different office suite programs to exchange documents,, and Corel Office 12 [or whatever it's called), for example. Then would have to stop because the GPL does not allow the use of patented software, but a big company like Corel can keep right on, becaause there are no such restrictions in its license. Well, Corel would love this, because then they could market to all of the users out there that have to stop using the software, because of the way software patent laws are written.

The decission OASIS made is not a law that is going to pass, it is an agreement made by companies, like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, etc to implement these standards in their future software. The resulting licenses will lock the GPL and LGPL out.

This agreement will go into effect 15 APRIL 2005. A couple of months from now. If you want to put in your two cents about this and try to put a stop to it, then I suggest you re-read that article, collect your thoughts, and compose an email that you can submit to the link the open letter provides. They will then, with all of the emails they've collected, formally protest the move by the OASIS. They will try to get all of the hundreds of companies that are members but did not vote, to go against this idea in order to influence the OASIS to reverse their decission.

Since this is an international standards body, it is not regulated by any particular laws. So, really, they can do this if no one raises a fuss over it. You've go till 15 April 2005.
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