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I'm more function over style - so I'd say stick with Steel. They last longer, are stronger, and are safer. Aluminum, especially when it's been on the car a couple years, will often crack without showing signs on a curb hit, causing a blowout up to several days down the road. Steel will at most bend/dent in a way that you can see whether it's bad enough to warrant attention.

Contrary to common belief, aluminum will corrode earlier/faster than the rusting of painted steel wheels, and it weakens the wheel whereas surface rust will likely never compromise the integrity of the wheel until long after the rest of the car is dead.

I say this knowing that both of my vehicles have aluminum wheels, but I would rather they had steel, especially the truck, which goes off-roading for firewood/hunting/fishing a lot where the wheels themselves can be hit a lot.

On the other hand, some say that a hubcap poses a blowout concern - hubcaps, when they come off can hook on the valve stem and then slice the tire, which is why you always see cop cars with steel wheels without hubcaps.

There are some nice-looking aftermarket steel wheels out there, but they're limited in variety and harder to find.

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