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Hi porkstirfy,

Winamp no longer searches for album art itself.

You can use the free version of "Media Monkey". It can search multiple online sources using the tag metadata in each of your files and present you several images. You select the one you want and either embed it into each album file or copy it to the album folder the files are in. Only use '.jpg' images.

It may have a batch mode, I don't remember. I always use embedding and do my files one at a time, since automatic searches sometimes come up with the wrong image. If you copy images to each album folder (1 per folder), rename the image to "folder.jpg".

"Mp3tag" can also search multiple online sources and it has a batch mode.

Be aware that Windows can and will overwrite folder images from time to time. It is not known what triggers these overwrites, so it may be worthwhile to enable each folder image file's 'read only' property.

Select image resolutions that are just large enough to look good at the sizes you will be displaying them at, but don't go for the largest resolutions available. Each displayed image uses some system RAM once displayed during each Winamp session (even if it is no longer actively being displayed). If you use views that display multiple images and/or display a lot of high resolution images one after another, Winamp may run out of available RAM and crash. As a 32-bit app, Winamp is limited to the maximum amount of RAM it can use, even if your computer has more available for use.

There is a Winamp plug-in (1st link below) for embedding images that you find on your own. A great site for finding high quality images (2nd link below).

Good luck.

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