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I forgot to mention that the images Windows puts in folders are hidden by default. That may help explain why Winamp may have imported some wrong images (in addition to DrO's suggestions). Winamp looks for embedded images first. Then, if finding none, looks for folder images with certain names. There is a list of the names and order of look up. I don't remember exactly where it is, but you can do a forum search for it.

Turn on the Windows Explorer options to display hidden and system files (and file extensions, if necessary). Then look in the music folders for images that should not be there. It is safe to delete them. After you are done, turn off the options to display hidden and system files. As I said before, Windows may put some back over time (part of it's effort to be helpful in setting up folders based on their contents, ).

I have not used iTunes in years, so don't know what it currently does with artwork.

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