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Sure, but this will take a bit of extra work, because timer IDs were typically picked by banging on the number pad (i.e. there's no good logic to their numbering)
Thered be quite a few plugins out there that use random numbers already so I wouldn't go changing internal timer ids to liberally. Perhaps just find a big range of non-used ids and allocate from there, youd most likely only hand out 100 or so at most.

IPC_FORMAT_TITLE_EXTENDED was written for the particular needs of the Media Library (ml_local), although it's likely useful for some third party developers. If you can send me specifics on what you need out of the ATF engine, I can try to implement something to fulfill those needs.

Also of note, there is a (hidden) API to use the ATF engine directly, w/o going through a SendMessage call. At the moment, it doesn't let you do much extra, but I am considering adding things to it like defining your own custom functions and prepopulating (or retrieving) the $put/$get variables. If you have any interest in this, let me know.
The reason Im using this API is to allow wchar formatting. Basically I want to allow for ATF formatting in the same way that winamp can do it for the playlists, without having to handle all the tags myself. Itd also maybe handle some stuff like '%streamtitle%' which isn't that easy to implement in a plugin.

It'd be great to not have to worry about changes to the ATF tags and ML etc and just let winamp do it. Perhaps you could set useExtendedInfo to '2' to tell winamp to do "full" ATF processing.

I assume the 'hidden' ATF API is the tagz.w5s service? I havent used the wasabi interfaces before, I hope they still work with classic skins?

The new functions cover most of what I have implemented myself through %tag% hacks, which i intend to depreciate :P but I wouldnt mind implementing a kind of regex replace function for getting rid of radio stream taglines. eg:

$regex('s/\(.*\)$//', %streamtitle%)
$regexreplace('\(*\)$', '', %streamtitle%)

To remove the brackets from:

songname - artist ( hits)

It may be possible with existing tags with $right, $left, $strchr etc but would be difficult. If not full regex, even something simple such as:

$removetagline('(', ')', %streamtitle%)

would be good (and could also handle nested brackets without some complex regex line). Ive had quite a few people ask how to get this done. Id probably implement this myself if you exposed the API to the tags service.
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