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All great things must come to an end i suppose, and CDDB was THE greatest of great things to me :'(

As my previous posts show, the Autotag feature was the main and for a time the only reason i used Winamp, it was the reason i eventually got hooked to Winamp and the reason why my annoyingly large media library is no longer filled with "unknown track" or "track 01" or with horribly incomplete metadata or non at all.

I really hope however way Winamp decides to implement MusicBrainz is better than the pain in the ass way MusicBrainz's own client Picard does. Maybe the same way the Autotagger currently is but with improvements? (like being able to have multiple choices for one)
And hopefully not limited to being capable of searching just by the album name, since the album field is usually the tag field thats never everrrr filled in mp3's.

Ive gone through pretty much every tagging app with online DB functionality there is and Picard has to be by far one of the worst, if not THE worst in usability. That was in 2011, since then ive heard theyve bought something similar to Gracenote's ability to detect a song's acoustic fingerprint to identify it, i guess that gives it an edge over FreeDB which arguably isnt as sparse as MusicBrainz since FreeDB has been around as long as CDDB has iirc.

For those who still want to use Gracenote's service, theres five options.

1) TuneUp Media:

Theyve recently had their own internal limbo like Winamp has and almost shutdown, now theyre back, and their service still works, however their client isnt how i remember it being, iirc it used to have the ability to give you multiple choices in the gracenote results, or maybe not.... But anyways, this one also gets you album art from amazon.
Its downside is... wait for it..... wait for it.... that without iTunes it wont work. Supposedly it can work with Windows Media Player but personally thats never worked for me (but then again the last time i tried it with WMP was in 2011)

Its pretty much the ultimate iTunes plugin you could say, plus it shows you when the artist youre listening to is having a concert near your location so that could be a boon to wash away the pains of knowing youll need iTunes to use it.

Oh yeah, and its shareware. you can buy it or pay a yearly subscription to it.

2) RinseMyMusic:

The competitor of TuneUp, also requires iTunes. costs 50$. However i used to use this to get album art for all the songs id tagged from Winamp's Autotagger, together they were a perfect match. I havent really used it much for Autotagging, but since it uses Gracenote too i guess the results should be the same. Personally i prefer this.

However their page havent seen any activity since 2011~ so i do get worried that the Tagging aspect of this app may go kaput soon too D: But then again, the company is owned by RealNetworks so they prolly have the cash to let that app work for some time.

3) iTunes itself

Ive never tried this since it requires an iTunes account and i dont have one, but in iTunes's context menu next to each song theres an option called "Get Track Names" and another option called "Get Album Art". Your milage may vary with those since im not sure if they rely on Gracenote or the iTunes store, but either way it still beats nothing

*Another way to do it using iTunes that DOES use Gracenote and and doesnt need an iTunes account would be to burn the music files you want to work on to a CD, then rip it using iTunes, iTunes will then attempt to retrieve its tags in a manner similar to the way Winamp used to. (however with this method, remember you'll be loosing audio quality since it will have to reencode your songs)

4) Sony's MediaGo:

Just like with the above mentioned iTunes method, in MediaGo's context menu it lets you lookup the metadata of a song within its library. Bare in mind that MediaGo isnt exactly a media player so this method probably sucks ass if its anything like i remember it to be.

5) Gracenote's plugin for Nero

Honestly i have no idea how this works since ive never tried it, but a previous poster on this thread mentioned it and ive known about it too so it might be worth a try. No idea if its just for looking up CD's when you rip them or if it can be used on mp3 files though.

R.I.P Autotag, you were the reason i loved and got into Winamp in the first place </3
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