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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
because it's basically different people doing it and there's a different focus on doing things. and usually Egg does update these threads as well (even if it's only the version title) but some things do slip through the net.

though as you're noticing, there isn't really a 'community' of android users as such on here and it's more about people complaining things don't work or complaining they're not getting a response.

that isn't ideal but i know when i've tried to jump in on things in here it's never gone well as people expect so much and i don't use WAFA (the most i've done is have a few builds in an Android emulator) so there isn't the same user / community knowledge about the product on the forums, which i think is one of the main differences.

DrO, That explains a great deal. Thank You for responding.

The WAFA app is really simple. You have music, it plays music. There are no tricks or hidden features really. But, its still new. I am sure some things will get fixed and updated as time goes on.

You are right, there isn't the same user / community knowledge about the product on these forums. That's basically because no one is getting answered in the first place, so no one knows anything.
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