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Windows 7 and Windows Firewall

More of a question, rather than a problem, I think....
Like most people, I have a couple of computers behind a router, connected to a bigname ISP.
I got a test shoutcast station up and running on xp just fine.

Tried it on Windows 7 and the server complained about reaching my public ip; the same issue/msg I had on the XP before I setup port forewarding on the router. But that wasnt the problem here.

Went into W7's Windows Firewall and found Four (4) Inbound Rules for sc_serv.exe; 2 marked Public and 2 marked Private. Other than 1 pair being for TCP and 1 pair for UDP, there didnt seem to be any differences. The Private ones were for 1 of each protocol.
I switched them all to Public and it works fine.

* Should there be 4 rules??
* If so, what are the differences between the ones for a given protocol??
* Did I do anything "dangerous"?

Thank you,
You guys rock!
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