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Success! I think...

I am able to connect using media player classic, but VLC still refuses to play the aac stream. Media Info > Statistics shows that data is being cached by VLC (5mb and climbing) but playback is stuck at 00:00.

Ok, this is getting properly annoying. Connecting to the aac streams using VLC gives;


2012-10-05 15:01:13 I msg:[DST sid=1] SHOUTcast 1 client connection accepted. SHOUTcast Metadata Puller
2012-10-05 15:01:13 D msg:state_InitiateStream
2012-10-05 15:01:13 E msg:[DST sid=1] Socket error while waiting to send data. err=Broken pipe(32)

On closer inspection, the aac mount point seems to be serving the original mp3 data, not an aac one when played by MPC.

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