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sure, you can fool with the OS, set folder/access protections and so on, but that really isn't the answer. neither is messing with how the ini is handled imo.

what i've seen requested over the years, and what i request myself, is a simple toggle, the effects of which are configurable in prefs. imagine clicking the lower left button "library" in bento, and then toggling on a "protected mode."

how that mode works could be configured in prefs, to say allow for browsing the ML or adjusting the playlist but not editing the tags or deleting a song. or maybe you allow volume control, but not player control. or you can add to the playlist but you can't rearrange it. how about keeping them out of prefs? i don't expect it to be fully fleshed out on first go, let its abilities develop over time.

but i don't see why winamp couldn't or shouldn't do this, (its been requested many times over the years, not just this thread), and it really would be useful for many situations, including but not limited to party/kiosk modes.

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