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v2.91 TEST #1

To install, download the attachment and extract vis_avs.dll into your Winamp\Plugins folder (if you prefer you can rename it to something else before installing or rename the existing vis_avs.dll).

Note: This depends on MSVCR90.DLL so needs to be used with a recent version of Winamp (i can hear the complaints about that already) but this is how all of the official plug-ins are done.

This is my test build (obviously the fullscreen stuff is still borked like all of the other versions on Vista and up) and is the CHAVS 2.9 code combined with the 2.81d changes and then my 'fixes' (so is back to 2.81b as a base with updates and anything i changed in 2.82/2.83 is not part of this).

This should fix the random GVM related crash (we're catching the error instead of failing)
Other crash fixes as i've come across in my tinkerings
Version resource is correct for this version
rand() seems to work as expected now (could do with confirmation)
Indicates the current preset in the right-click menu

If there are issues, will need to know the specific preset (attached to the thread if needed) and any useful information. Otherwise it's basically fullscreen mode that's the main breakage but that's more down to using DirectDraw instead of Direct3D for the overlays etc.

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