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Originally Posted by QOAL View Post

Heads up if you download the release archive from github:
The examples will not run without editing the javascript includes in them, or renaming the dist folder/files.
hmm, have to do something about this. examples work on the build files. you can just run
that would generate all the build files.

Originally Posted by QOAL View Post
Strange that one of the faces of the JelloCube doesn't show up.

I'll give it a more thorough look later. (And try adding support for it in my editor)
Yes a cube face is missing, lemme know if you figure out the problem. Im guessing this has something to do with the clone feature in webvs. I saw that lots of presets have to create several copies of the same superscope only with slight variations. In Webvs you can specify a clone number and that effect will be cloned N times at the same time a variable called "cid" becomes available in the superscope. The scope can change conditions based on cid.

Also check webvsed. This is probably all completely broken now. But i had done some amount work on automatically generating the UI for each component. Basically, each component defines a JSON-Schema of its options object. A library then generates HTML form from this schema.
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