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As the release version of Firefox now supports all the necessary web audio spec I would like to point out a problem with Dancer.
The version of the web audio spec it targets is slightly different to how the spec is now, it seems.

Two functions have been renamed (I assume Chrome has the old names as aliases):
createJavaScriptNode is now createScriptProcessor
createGainNode is now createGain
More info here.

Alas, even with those errors fixed there is still a problem where the audio only plays for about 250ms. (It reports it as still playing through.)

Dancer has a distinct lack of activity on Github, and I'd like to think that its at fault not Firefox.

Anyway with that I've enabled the editor as standard in my editor.

z33m: Would there be any benefit if WebVS used web workers? Pause reduction on the main thread etc.
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