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RE: Can't make Winamp the default app for music in windows 10

I too had the problem and the lin MR Sinatra sent didn't help. Or so I thought. I wasn't following the steps exactly as listed.

1) Go to Start > Settings and in the top search window (in settings) type "Default Apps".

2) Once it brings up the list for Email, Maps, Music player, etc, scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN. Below the reset button you will see 3 links. Click the BOTTOM ONE "Set defaults by App".

3) Once that opens, scroll down until you find Winamp and click it, then click manage.

4) Once you do, you will see all the extension options on the left and the apps on the right (with many already set to WinAmp even though I wasn't seeing it in the other app list at step 1).

5) to the right of the MP3 extension, click what is likely still Groove Music. It will bring up the Choose and App list and WinAmp WILL show there. It did NOT show when I chose "Choose default apps by file type" at step 1 or just clicked the one for Music Player at step 1.

Going back to the screen at step 1 after finishing 1-5 now shows WinAmp as the default app and it works as expected.

So if you try everything else above and swear it doesn't work, pay close attention to each step I list above and I promise you it WILL work.
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