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I did some tests with VLC and noticed some issues that are not present if you use flash player.

The reason why at this time is unknown.

Codec combinations that work:

1. VP6x and aac. Almost usable however motion is jerky compared to flash player in side-by-side comparison.

Combinations that almost work.

1. H264 and aac. Lasts for about 10 seconds then automatically stops playback.

Codec combinations that don't work.

1. Anything with mp3 audio.

Could be symptoms of a couple things.
1. VLC decoding of timestamps.
2. incorrect mp3 timestamps issued from jar.
3. h264 decoding issues. Unknown.

A solution? Sorry dont have one. Howabout, 'dont use VLC'. There is not a lot I am able to do without further reseach and development with VLC. I did suspect my own timestamps on the mp3 however there seems to be no troubles transcoding to silverlight or forwarding streams other servers such as justin tv.

I am leaning towards blaming VLC but I'm open to ideas and more information. When only one player at the party cant keep up with the others, I tend to blame the odd-ball.
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