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heh heh don't put all the symptoms as result of one sickness.

I must admit, I don't know what that even means ... however ... if there is some issue with this ...
Cast your mind back to the nsv specifications, which include a payload maximum for audio and video. If I mis-calculated the amounts, I may drop the frame. I'll wait for the live DJ to come back online and test it again, but I am in doubt this is the case.

how could moving to a different video codec fix an issue with some calculation of the container frame size?
You are forgetting that H264 does not have any corruption problem that VPx does. Switching to the better codec eliminates the issue. The frame-size-as-culprit is only a wild guess that my parser is incorrect.
No idea where the stream is ... but ... the issue sounds like the discardable vs non-discardable inter frames one ...
Yes, however He is using the fixed version, and I have seen a bit of the distortion in his and mine under certain circumstances.

So, yeah.... For what its worth, as best as I can tell.
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